#MeThree -said the lawyer.

It’s gotta suck being in the “dating world” these days.

I mean first of all if you are so called “CIS-Male” and of European decent in the mid 20’s it gotta be absolute hell.

According to the current political climate you cannot be offended against. You are male therefore you cannot be sexually attacked or offended, you have “white privilege” and that can be just about anything. And if you are straight your mere existence is offending to all the myriad of “genders” out there.

On top of that if you dare to approach a person of the opposite gender at say a drinking establishment and venture to strike up a conversation in order to get to know the lady in question be aware! Be very aware!! If your approach is not seen in favorable light you are either assaulting and raping her just by being in the same room, or at least have groped her and your details will be posted everywhere by this #metoo supporter in hopes of ruining your career and get you fired and make your life even more miserable. All because your pick-up line sucked.

This goes on and on…. and gets worse and worse….

What will the future bring? I know sanity is too much to hope for.


Since writing this post I have seen two different articles online eluding to same conclusions.

The NewYork Times article about Unintended Consequences of Sexual Harassment Scandals and payscale.com article about Unexpected Consequences: How #MeToo Might Actually Hurt Women

Black friday shoppin’

I decided to participate in the black friday madness and get a doorbuster. Got up at at 4:30am today and as I was going out the door Barb came along cuz i asked if she wanted to the night before… she would because it was my birthday. Target’s parking lot was so full it had spillover to the family fresh lot. and Walmart where we were going had no parking spots period. I drove up the door and we switched drivers.. Barb went for McD’s coffee and I went in for a $39 portable HD.

blackfriday.jpegAll I can say is wow! there were no carts… tons of guards and rent-a-cops…. all the doorbuster wares were in middle of the isles covered in black plastic with notes on them saying that pricing and availability only from 5-11 am. I was there 4:55am and got to see the madness ensuing about some cheesy kodak digital cameras. As soon as the clock hit 5am the plastic came off and people transformed from normal people in a crowd to vultures picking a carcass…. all the cameras were gone within 15 seconds!!!! and it was a pallet full of them… 15 seconds!!! holy shit! thankfully my HD was not as hot of a item… I got the last one at 5:01am. Immediately I went for the cash registers and they were full already… ended up in a lane tat was taking forever. While the cashier was rebooting her cash register for 50 11th time I overheard a conversation about someone who had been in the store since midnight… that’s 5 hours ago!! holy crap.

And I thought I was a avid shopper…

Strangeness of coffee shops.

I’m sitting at my local Dunn Bros coffee shop and browsing the net, sorting photos and listening to music while drinking excellent coffee and copying massive datasets from one drive to another.

The the strange thing is that I have been here for like 3 hours now and no one even bats an eye about it… and there are people here on their own laptops still here who were when i arrived this morning.

It seems to be socially acceptable behavior to just sit at a coffee shop using up their bandwidth and do whatever. The staff don’t seem to mind at all and seem friendly as I get my third large coffee this morning; good thing caffeine don’t seem to effect me at all.

I took the day off since I went to Blackie’s wake and pay my respects to his family. He was a good guy, always had a smile on and never in a cross mood.