I really have not had the will or time to post anything for a long time.

Thinking I could do something different with this site other than a blog?
Just cant think of what.
I could host a bunch of my photos here but then again I don’t have that many good ones. I could dedicate it to just an assortment of links to my fav things but then again that’s hardly interesting for anyone else.

I could make separate pages for my hobbies but then again they are mine and not interesting to you -the less than handful of audience.

I’m not about to make career limiting moves by spouting out my political beliefs, or incite even more animosity by airing my opinions.

Struggling to find anything even remotely meaningful to share as I am a pretty private person.

I’ll take suggestions so I may rule them out 😉

a while ago…

I guess it was a while ago since i last posted..  Been busy!

My sister and and my brother in law came for visit and we had a great time!!!!

MOA, American Eagle center, Horseback riding, shopping and shopping and just relaxing! It was GREAT! And we miss them greatly!

And the days roll on….

Not much new under the sun. Fall is here and winter is knocking on the door hiding behind their corner.

What has been lately on my mind? Well.. funny I should ask :).

The FAA redefining the hobby of model flying including drone flying…and it involves breaches of the 4th amendment.

Kavanaugh is finally confirmed and other nations may stop laughing at us when 35 year old rumors are preventing the day to day business of this government.Politicians need to have term limits, we need some fresh minds there. – On both sides!

I am still thinking about shutting down this blog and using my domain for other things…

Still enjoying my iPhone XS MAX, and now selling my iPhone 7 Plus.

I sent in my application for a local gun club to join their ranks but they demand that i join the NRA to join… hmmmm not a fan of that. I don’t think they are for the individual persons rights and mostly support the corporations.

Noting more that i can think of now.