Dart thoughts

Today my boss asked me if takes practice or talent to throw darts. I answered him that it takes both practice will only take you so far and practice will take you the rest of the way. Just moments ago when returning from shooting darts it felt like I might be lacking in both. We tied against a team that we should have just creamed! I only had two lousy low tons and no wins! Sux big time!


Isaac came over for some TV and gaming…. There are the verdicts and comments on the games:

Sega Sports cars on XBOX:
Isaac: “Are you going to blame this loss on the bad car selection again?
Me: “Dammit, this car sucks!

Vipeout 3 on for PS on PS2:
Isaac: “Come and see my exellent runs replay !
Me: “This game blows! I keep hitting the walls and braking into pieces! and the graphics suck.

Swing Away Golf:
Isaac: “Atlest wipeut did not have a artsy gay dude in it! – I hate my caddy!
Me: “Man, you really suck at this!”


Yesterday I did not even boot up the PC… Went and bought HALO and played some with Isaac, after that it was Junkyard wars time and the show right after it. Also got the movie signs for Brian but we had to quality test it with his blessing.

It was OK… just OK, not spectacular.