Busy days….

It sure has been a busy few days. First the office move, packing all my stuff from my cube into boxes and moving it to another building and on top of that to the third floor. My knees are so busted!!! Thank god for the elevator. Then removing the carpet in the former computer room in preparation to turn it into a salon. Wonder what is next?

Atleast the weather has been on our side, it’s been nice and warm for the last few days, around 50-60 degrees.

And now it’s bedtime for me… later all.

Too depressing!

Ok… here’s the story…

The salon where I work is moving so I decided to open a chair in our house. As we shuffle rooms around we are finally to the point of taking up the carpet in the room I will use to cut hair, hoping it has hard wood floors like the rest of the house. The good news is that it does! The BAD news is obvious in the picture posted. 🙁

My body is already aching from all the work it will take getting that carpet backing and glue off the floor, not to mention refinishing it! ARGH… what were the people who glued that carpet to the floor thinking?!?!?!

image coming

PC Room Move

Well, we have now moved everything to the new computer room and the old room is ready to be remodeld to become a salon.

It’s going to take some effort to do that. We have hardwood floors in there but the previous owners put in a carpet and carpet pad that they glued to eachother AND to the hardwood flooring! ARGH! That’s going to be a pain to take out.

After that we have to get a cabinet and sink put in…. plumming will be easy because it shares a wall with the bathroom. I’m just mostly concerned about the floor.