Travelling….. to a strange place.

Attending vmworld this week in San Francisco, CA.

I tell you, this place is strange. Staying in a so called 4 star hotel downtown SF, and I would not give this place more than 3 stars. On the way here from the airport that is NOT close by at all saw a good reason why I would not live here. The traffic sucks! and all the people crammed together almost looked like the favelas of Rio.

I have not even mentioned the homeless people…  EVERYWHERE. It’s a problem i’d say. They do their #1’s and #2’s everywhere and there is a distinct odor of urine and feces…. and as I was visibly affected by the sharp smells that to me smelled like a sewer/mixed with some strange pungent smell I was kindly informed by my coworker that is was pot I was smelling.

After he pointed out what it was I can now recognize in the hallway in the hotel…  thankfully not my room.

I mean i guess, why not..  it seems to be legalized here…  and the smell is everywhere in public and when walking close to some greenery one smells the #1 and #2.

Ate at a restaurant called John’s Grill…  EXCELLENT porterhouse steak.