Bastion of bad ideas?

Day two in SF… the state that is a bastion of PC and socialism…

If this is what the American kind of socialism brings, brews up and regurgitates I don’t want anything to do with it. Gas is almost $5/gl. There are dorves of homeless sleeping everywhere and begging. They seem to do their business on the streets without a care in the world.

The city by the bay may have been the star of CA at some point, but that star has lost it’s shine long time ago..

I would agree these poor souls need help. Real help not just handouts. Make them feel valued and give them self worth. I just have no idea how.

And the days roll on….

Not much new under the sun. Fall is here and winter is knocking on the door hiding behind their corner.

What has been lately on my mind? Well.. funny I should ask :).

The FAA redefining the hobby of model flying including drone flying…and it involves breaches of the 4th amendment.

Kavanaugh is finally confirmed and other nations may stop laughing at us when 35 year old rumors are preventing the day to day business of this government.Politicians need to have term limits, we need some fresh minds there. – On both sides!

I am still thinking about shutting down this blog and using my domain for other things…

Still enjoying my iPhone XS MAX, and now selling my iPhone 7 Plus.

I sent in my application for a local gun club to join their ranks but they demand that i join the NRA to join… hmmmm not a fan of that. I don’t think they are for the individual persons rights and mostly support the corporations.

Noting more that i can think of now.

Easter be here..

Holy crap, March went fast! April already in a matter of hours!

So news items from last week? Maybe this time I’ll make into bullet points.

  • Far Cry 5 released and it rocks! Peppers and all!
  • Spring came and went… (snowed last night again and more to come)
  • Spent a few days in pain due to gut-rot…   NO DETAILS NEEDED
  • Officially sick and tired of constant bickering politicians and fake news. (Seek the truth yourself don’t trust the news.)
  • Seems like limiting my FB presence years ago was a good move 🙂
  • I have developed a sore foot…  burning feeling on right hand side of foot.
  • Youtube is going off on the loonie liberal cliff…
  • I’m think I’m having a bout of missing my roots… miss the old country and folks from there. – It’ll pass.
  • Easter is here and I have yet to eat a chocolate bunny!!!!!! DISASTER! 😁