I HATE plumbing tasks!!!!

That piece of 💩 toilet flush refill valve thingy broke.

So I figure I’ll just get a new one fromAmazon…  right there is like a week and half wait to get even as a prime member – WTF!!!

So I go to Menards that is staffed it would seem like with 3 people. One at the door telling you to wear a mask, one at the cash register with the blink light on as there is a price check in progress and the line is like 50 people long and finally the third one – he’s on a break. When i finally get the damn valve thingy home and start pulling the old one out i run into the first problem.

-Flushing the toilet does not empty the tank in the model we have..  it leaves like a gallon of H2O on the bottom….  and do I have sponge? NO! A hand towel will do 50 times!!! Yet I still get a cup of water on the floor when i pull the old valve out.

New valve in..  great we are making progress! Not so fast!!!!! The damn hose from the wall to the tank leaks like a sob! The gasket is perished but i figure I’ll just tighten it a bit more….. SNAP!!!! The füker broke! Water everywhere!!! The has about an inch of water on it, I am soaked and by this time REAL sick of this adventure!! Off I go again to Menards where the third worker is back from his break but the line stands at the register and the guy at the front telling people to wear a mask is replaced with a sign so he must have gone home.

I’m desperately looking for some assistance at plumbing section and finally giving up as there are more than a 1/2 dozen of us masked people standing around waiting for help that will no doubt never appear.

I wait thru the long meandering cash register line that takes forever as the teen is performing this disinfecting routine that would put any 20th century OR into shame between every customer even if they don’t actually touch anything at all.

I get home tired of this song and dance and finally by the grace of god manage to attach the hose even if one has to be contortionist to do anything in the tiny space on side of the toilet….

Now I’m just waiting for the damn thing to leak….  Sigh….

22 years went really fast.

Today is 22 years since Barb and myself got wed. Every single day since I am reminded on how lucky I am to have found my soulmate!
I remember my life before we got married and it was not so nice. Not having someone to share the daily ups and downs was not the glamours bachelor life one would think it was.
I am so lucky to have found Barb and even luckier to have her agreeing to spend the rest of days together as my best friend, my confidant, my sounding board and most of all my other half that I could not do without! I could not exist without my my other half, I cannot imagine a existence without my love – Barb!

It’s silly to say happy anniversary to her as it means so much more than just that, I love here so much more than she can even imagine and I am forever hers!

Thank you for setting me straight and saving me 22 years ago! I love you Barb more than ever and for all eternity!

Sooo…. The following happened.

I made a couple of masks…  those sewing machine skills put to the use I acquired in the 4th and 5th grade!
I managed after watching a bunch of tutorials on youtube to make a mask… I mean it’s so ugly so it should work as a deterrent to all and every virus out there.
Also picked up some supplies for this old thing and made good use of it! Can’t wait for the clay range to open up!
Printed a few things among them all this one for Eric
And last but not least picked up this 🙂

From quarantine district 715

It’s amazing that people have the sudden urge to go out and exercise or to meet other people when they are expressly told not to.
I am out and about and going to the grocery store to do a curbside pick up and I have seen more people out walking around than I have ever seen. I guess I’m one of the few that is not bothered by staying at home.