Floor and stuff…

Miikka did a GREAT job on the floor as you can see… now to just finish up around the edges, then to finish it. I can’t wait! Until it’s done, that is, hehe…

We went to my Dad’s today for a going away party for my brother Bill’s family… they are moving to Seattle, suicide capital of the USA… woohoo! A cool place to visit anyway.

It was also my sister Cheryl’s birthday today. A whopping 44 years old! Dang, she is O-L-D!!! 😉

Down with the sickness..

Getting sick 🙁 Running a slight temp, can’t taste or smell anything.. Feels like my head and sinuses are stuffed with cotton. And have a metallic taste in my mouth inbetween coughing up mucus…

Eating cold medecin like it’s going out of style.

If that did not discust you I don’t know what would.

Busy days….

It sure has been a busy few days. First the office move, packing all my stuff from my cube into boxes and moving it to another building and on top of that to the third floor. My knees are so busted!!! Thank god for the elevator. Then removing the carpet in the former computer room in preparation to turn it into a salon. Wonder what is next?

Atleast the weather has been on our side, it’s been nice and warm for the last few days, around 50-60 degrees.

And now it’s bedtime for me… later all.