A lapse in continuity? or just plain lazy?

That’s what I have had or been since last week. I was on on vacation or had time off depending on how one sees it. That blissful existence lasted for a week and felt like two days. But I guess I did make things happen.

Lets see here, I saw two movies one of them just slightly better than the other and I built a plane. Put some lead downrange and defeated a army of paper targets. Fixed cracks in basement floor and went to the largest candy store in Minnesota.

So, the two movies? Don’t bother!!!  Wait for the DVD’s or the TV  showing.Into_the_Storm_2014_film Into the storm was barely ok. The effects were ok but the acting could have used some help. Hercules was predictable with surprisingly few muscle shots.. again, wait for the DVD.220px-Hercules_(2014_film)