A new pad enters the household.

Alright… it’s nice, it really is nice. The screen is slightly bigger and the speed is slightly faster. It has a handy new foldey keyboard and a stark white gleaming pencil. Is it all worth it so much from the iPad Air 2 i had that Barb wanted from me? Nope. I at this point would it makes sense to buy anything else but this 10.5″ screened workhorse the answer is no. But is it really that much better from the previous version? No, its not.

Today its Presidents’ Day and have a day off, Aaaand we will spend it a funeral. Barbs very nice auntie passed away. Rest In Peace.

Let’s see what else is new? Both Charlie and myself got de-furred. He needed it more than I did. My good friend Les went thru hos last round of chemo and is still standing and kicking my butt in backgammon.

Not much else is new, winter still here freezing our asses off. Liberals try to take our guns away, not understanding that its the person holding the gun that is the problem not the tool. But what else is new from those tools.

Nasty cold.

Boy did I ever catch it? Yup, Barb had it one sinus at a time with nothing else afterwards, mine was both at same time and bad cough afterwards. Last Thursday I stayed home from work as I was really congested. By Friday I was completely blocked and was really worn out, Saturday was a misery as was Sunday and and on Monday I went to the doctor to get more powerful drugs.

Now I’m on antibiotic and nasal steroids. I feel better but have a this deep rattling cough. Sucks!!!!🤧😷🤒

On a way more positive note my friend just had his last chemo therapy! Now radiation and perhaps gene therapy. None of them should make him feel nasty, just better!!

Let’s see, what is going on. It’s been cold, with no hope of spring around the corner, Super Bowl is over with and all the hype that goes with that.

I like my work and employer and my co-workers. Looking to be promoted shortly I hope (hope I didn’t just jinx it!)

That’s about it… hey Babs… feel free to write a post now and then. 😘

YouTube rabbit hole…

So lately I have been on a YouTube binge finding some fun videos..

So I thought I’d share my favorite content creators with you. They are NOT in any particular order so just pick one and 😊.

The Dodo
Alex French Guy Cooking
Secret Life of Vivian
Mark Dice
Forgotten Weapons
Linus Tech Tips
Primitive Technology
Cruising the Cut
Unbox Therapy
Matthias Wandel
Brave Wilderness
Good Mythical Morning (sometimes)
Paul Harrell
Doug DeMuro
Peter Brown
John Heisz
Tony & Chelsea Northrup

These are just some of my fav ones…  there are many more 🙂