Life in the fast lane?

What’s been going on? Wow, a lot.

I have gained employment as I wrote before, I think I have finally gotten into the “groove” of the schedule. I have gone through a few new employee orientations and there are so many acronyms it’s not even funny. 

I have come to see the differences between serving and making profit. And having all kinds of oddball days off is not too bad at all.

On the home front it’s been expensive! Last Monday we had to buy a new washer… $$$ and we had the plumber out to look at a small leak on kitchen floor last week. He “fixed” the waterline to icemaker/fridge, but leak remained. Yesterday he came back and started tracing the leak better.

It could be coming from our neighbor or under the house. Both prospects are bad as can be.. under the house is concrete work and neighbor mean that Wifey needs to patch up some strained relationships. 

Their dog has been running free and dumping loads on our sid elf the lawn. We have dealt with it first via emails now it’s at the association who are now threatening legal action… and now we might need cooperation. Sigh. We just can’t catch a break.