Never forget.

And could you? I remember so vividly that morning. When the first one hit I must have been in the shower. I ate my oatmeal and then ok off in the morning driving to work. Listening to my normally funny morning show on radio KS95 fm. This morning not so much fun it was a live commentary of the scene in NY. And I called Barb right away to turn on the tv and report back to me. While listening I heard a live commentary of the second plane hitting the tower. It was just surreal.

At work I immediately checked the news sources online and most of them were just jammed servers could not take the strain and many sites collapsed. We rolled in TVs and tuned them to news channels. Employees gathered in break rooms and meeting rooms with TVs. CEOs message came shortly after.

“Take the day off to deal with this.”

And dealt we have ever since 9-11. Never forgotten.