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A new pad enters the household.

Alright… it’s nice, it really is nice. The screen is slightly bigger and the speed is slightly faster. It has a handy new foldey keyboard and a stark white gleaming pencil. Is it all worth it so much from the iPad Air 2 i had that Barb wanted from me? Nope. I at this point would it makes sense to buy anything else but this 10.5″ screened workhorse the answer is no. But is it really that much better from the previous version? No, its not.

Today its Presidents’ Day and have a day off, Aaaand we will spend it a funeral. Barbs very nice auntie passed away. Rest In Peace.

Let’s see what else is new? Both Charlie and myself got de-furred. He needed it more than I did. My good friend Les went thru hos last round of chemo and is still standing and kicking my butt in backgammon.

Not much else is new, winter still here freezing our asses off. Liberals try to take our guns away, not understanding that its the person holding the gun that is the problem not the tool. But what else is new from those tools.

#MeThree -said the lawyer.

It’s gotta suck being in the “dating world” these days.

I mean first of all if you are so called “CIS-Male” and of European decent in the mid 20’s it gotta be absolute hell.

According to the current political climate you cannot be offended against. You are male therefore you cannot be sexually attacked or offended, you have “white privilege” and that can be just about anything. And if you are straight your mere existence is offending to all the myriad of “genders” out there.

On top of that if you dare to approach a person of the opposite gender at say a drinking establishment and venture to strike up a conversation in order to get to know the lady in question be aware! Be very aware!! If your approach is not seen in favorable light you are either assaulting and raping her just by being in the same room, or at least have groped her and your details will be posted everywhere by this #metoo supporter in hopes of ruining your career and get you fired and make your life even more miserable. All because your pick-up line sucked.

This goes on and on…. and gets worse and worse….

What will the future bring? I know sanity is too much to hope for.


Since writing this post I have seen two different articles online eluding to same conclusions.

The NewYork Times article about Unintended Consequences of Sexual Harassment Scandals and article about Unexpected Consequences: How #MeToo Might Actually Hurt Women

Taking a knee..

Everyone who is just taking a knee when the anthem is playing or when the saluting the flag is supposed to be done, just stop! I hope you will take knee to the groin next.

It’s ok that you disagree with what the flag and the anthem stand for. There is a place and time to vent your grievances and during those ceremonial times it is not the time. I would not stifle your right to to a protest just the time and venue for it.

And if you dislike this nation so much feel free to leave as despite of your efforts this is still a free nation with open borders for its citizens.

For all the goons on the gridiron with 5th grade educations, I think the $$ you pull in you could affect change in a more effective and personal level, make actual change in someone’s life for the positive.

Public figures not traditionally involved in politics should just shut up about their political views and get on with their job.

There are actors that I have lost all respect for once they opened their voice box and uttered some absolute nonsense. And it has happened from both ends of the spectrum.