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And another posting that should stayed unwritten….

So I got my 3D printer and had to assemble it myself. Once i got going it took about 10 hours from beginning to end and yes it was worth it. It went together fairly easy but one has to follow the instructions carefully!

But before i got to that I had a few things I had to do. A sleep study…. holy crap that sucked!!!! Or should I say blows!

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Wow… quite a lot has been going on.

Barb suddenly lost her sister Cheryl, it was completely out of the blue.

The walked on her own power to the ER at 10 am ish’ and a few minutes after 2 they turned off the ventilator. A massive sepsis swept thru her. She passed away April 12th.

Last week I was in MS Powershell class all week and I think I learned a bunch, now I just need to be able to utilize my newly minted skills.

And I ordered a 3D printer!!!! A Prusa I3 MK2s kit. Should be ready to ship it in a week!! Woohoo! Got some PLA, ABS and PETG filaments from Amazon and Learning to use now…. this egg dude is my first attempt at something else than a cube. Can’t wait to get it assembled and start printing pointless stuff!

Man it is hard!!!

Easter be here..

Holy crap, March went fast! April already in a matter of hours!

So news items from last week? Maybe this time I’ll make into bullet points.

  • Far Cry 5 released and it rocks! Peppers and all!
  • Spring came and went… (snowed last night again and more to come)
  • Spent a few days in pain due to gut-rot…   NO DETAILS NEEDED
  • Officially sick and tired of constant bickering politicians and fake news. (Seek the truth yourself don’t trust the news.)
  • Seems like limiting my FB presence years ago was a good move 🙂
  • I have developed a sore foot…  burning feeling on right hand side of foot.
  • Youtube is going off on the loonie liberal cliff…
  • I’m think I’m having a bout of missing my roots… miss the old country and folks from there. – It’ll pass.
  • Easter is here and I have yet to eat a chocolate bunny!!!!!! DISASTER! 😁