Winter is coming.

There is nothing that can stop it. Winter is coming, one of my coworkers bought a new snow thrower, another one is running maintenance on their sleds.
FallThe colors are almost done and leaves off the trees. Halloween is around the corner and on its heels Thanksgiving is coming. This year has gone so fast!

What else in new? After some epic overtime and on-call work I have amassed a few bucks that i don’t feel too bad spending frivolously. Maybe upgrade my PC? (no need yet…  Ryzen 7, GTX1060,16GBRAM) A used ATV? (Don’t have the time to use it or the place to store it). Can-Am Spyder? (my overtime was not THAT epic!)

No need for new phone… no need for new laptop/notebook… no need/want for new rifle/gun… Doesn’t happen too often that I have $$ burning a hole in my pocket. But it’s on fire now!!!   LOL



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