Getting old sucks….

A few days ago I got another reminder I’m getting old as in ancient as in a has been as in a geezer as in soon a burden on others and society as in one of those slow annoying hindrances on the freeway or the grocery line paying with bucket full of pennies and 1500 coupons from competing stores that need to be matched.

Sigh…. I’m getting bifocals or as they say now progressive lenses. Yeah, I know don’t sound like much but it’s just another step towards the above mentioned. LOL

And if that was not enough, was watching a British murder mystery on TV and they referred to the victim as an older man – he was in his mid 40’s according to the show. I men what happened to the 50 is the new 30 shit?

I really don’t have a problem getting a certain age per se. Just that one starts to get all kinds of aces and pains and old injuries are coming back to haunt one. Joints are stiff in mornings and so on, and the inevitable irritation of the young frivolous and often wistfully stupidity of young people…. HEHE.

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