Swedens elections…

Alright…. here’s a political post. I just could not keep my fingers to myself.

Not posting more on front page just in case you i do not wish to read it.

Wow.. the “right” winds blow thru Sweden it would seem. Thinking ordinary middle-class workers are sick and tired of being taken advantage of. The government is financing “ex”-terrorist returning from frontlines.

Thinking the leftist are having a Trump moment over there tonight.

There are areas of large cities where uniformed civil servants don’t venture unless they absolutely have to. Burning of cars has become the favorite pastime of the disenfranchised youth and the powers at be stand still “baffled” citing that unlawful acts can’t happen in their imaginary utopia that do not exist.

Annie Marie Therése Lööf is a Swedish politician and lawyer. She has been a Member of the Riksdag, representing her home constituency of Jönköping County, since 2006, and leader of the Centre Party since 2011.

Right now the formerly extreme right wing party now just a right wing party Sweden Democrats are expected to get about 18-24% of the votes and the two other blocks left and right both have publicly denounced them and said they would not work with them.

Well, that’s just nice ain’t it? The election participation is in the ballpark of 80% of population and out of them 17-25% votes for someone else than the established piles of shit. They might not quite understand that SD might become one of the larger political partie overnight and nothing will get done without their say-so.

So established politicians get off your high horses and read the tea-leaves, the people who so dearly represent have spoken and you better change a get thrown out like you should have years ago.

It is fine for me to run my “mouth” as I don’t really have stake in this game and the Sweden I left 20+ years ago does not exist anymore. It has long ago died and been buried in ashes of all big corporations that moved away from that country.

I have not voted since I left as I don’t think citizens that permanently live somewhere else should be voting as they don’t have to live with the consequences.

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