Yeah… I know.

I changed it, and I kind of like it.

This gives me a chance to do some cleanup and start on a new ball. Perhaps abandon the blog and just use this site as my photo/video repository.

Its not like I’m the most prolific blogger out there, so no huge loss there.
Sometimes I wish I could blog more politically but it might not be PC to air out the depths of my thought processes here as the reader might get a way misguided ideas and so forth.

Also blogging about work is just a big no-no as it is a potential C-L-M.

I’m thinking as I’m getting older the whole idea of social media is just more and more off-putting to me. It’s the “hey look at me!” things on FB and Instagram and twitter that is just a bit rich for me. I appreciate not taking part in the rat-race going on.

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