And another posting that should stayed unwritten….

So I got my 3D printer and had to assemble it myself. Once i got going it took about 10 hours from beginning to end and yes it was worth it. It went together fairly easy but one has to follow the instructions carefully!

But before i got to that I had a few things I had to do. A sleep study…. holy crap that sucked!!!! Or should I say blows!

So I get to the facility where I was greeted by a nurse with the personality of a lemon dipped in battery acid. I got shown my “patient suite” for the night. It had cable tv and WiFi – basic cable and slowest damn wifi on this side of the globe.

I was instructed to get ready for bad.. I could change into my night attire – at 7:30PM?!?!?!? The nurse left me alone to get changed and adjust the sleep number bed to my liking… (they suck). After about 30minutes she came back told me to take a ambien and proceeded to attach leads to me.

To get them to stick she used a 80 grit sandpaper on my skin first then a alcohol prep and then the sticky thingy. On my head and beard i think she dipped them into some sticky shit and it was like semi-hard vasoline that held the many probes on my face and head the rest of them on my torso and legs were just sanded and stuck on.

After being all waited up I go lay down and eventually fall asleep. And suddenly I get woken up… the “kindhearted” nurse now wants to put some oxygen measuring thingy under my nose that cuts into my nose. – you know one of those oxygen lines that goes around your ears and then has two nozzles up your nose… except this one had special nozzles that hurt.

Back to sleep I fall…. for what seems like 5 minutes and the she comes in slamming the toor open and turning on all the damn lights. “You have now qualified for a CPAP treatment!” And proceeds to take off the oxygen thingy… Yay I think!!!

Not so fast, she proceeds to put on a nose mask on me.

Now you might think the biggest problem is the mask itself, you’d be wrong! The thing is that as it forces air into your nose the forced air takes the path of least resistance and all comes out my mouth! Sounds like I’m blowing raspberries and because the constant pressure I have a problems exhaling. Panic inducing sensation!

So the lemon fixes me with a chinstrap so I cant open my mouth and let the air out.

Yeah…. picture me with both these on…. and trying to sleep… right.

So I try falling asleep again. The constant pressure is remotely increased by the lemon as she is not seeing the oxygen levels in my blood increasing. By increasing the air it starts leaking around my eyes… blowing cold air into your eyes as you are trying to sleep….. ARGH!!!! I guess i kept twitching around enough so she comes in and switches the nose mask and chinstrap to a bigger mask all together.

Now mind you that I still have all the damn wires on me. Thankfully by this time its 4:30 am and I can wake up by 6 am. After trying to sleep for 1.5 i finally got out of the wires and masks and could take a shower and get the f out of there.

They had no breakfast for the Friday patients either…. I am just dreading what my pulmonologist will say and prescribe.

Finally after all that I got time to assemble the printer and print out a whistle!


Last weekend I had a chance to introduce my nephew to Trapshooting… he took to it a duck to water!!! Breaking them at 17-19 per round!!

More on that later. I have a feeling I’ll be filling this blog with pics of my 3D printed crap 🙂

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