Dare we even hope spring is around the corner? Today it got up to almost 50 and a bunch of the snow melted and revealed a bunch of dog poop! I bought a metal rake and for the lack of better word a poop-pan. Works great! And even tasks like picking up dog crap seems somewhat pleasant as the sun is shining and the birds are making noises. Oh yeah!!! And i saw our neighbor having new carpers done or at least old ones pulled out. Perhaps a prelude to them putting their house on the market!?!?! Woohoo!

That was mean… but honest. What else? I got to finally try my “new” revolver! It’s pretty sweet! Shoots great! Trigger is smooth and loading / unloading is like butter. Perhaps videos to come… now. Also tried the new Dunn Bros in New Richmond… Well… I hope they work the kinks out cuz it took a long time to get a coffee…. and not as good as here in Hudson.

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  1. You sure are happy today! It really is a beautiful day though, with more on the way, hopefully. New Richmond’s Dunn Bros might not be as good, but their Walmart is better!

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