Microsoft screwup!!!

So MS released a patch recently that auto installs on Windows 10 Home Ed and you cant even stop it (pro Ed can). What it seems to do is to replace the USB root hub drivers with newer ones that don’t work right in some instances. End result is your usb key board and mouse don’t work. After a reboot you cannot log in! Lucky me had TeamViewer installed so I could remote in. And i started initially troubleshooting it.

We all know the steps – device manager remove root hub and let it auto detect new…. after a reboot there was no change.

Then I figured more perhaps my USB ports were fried but no… as the kbd and mouse worked fine in bios. So I once again TeamViewered in and figured it must be a driver issue and started in safe mode via msconfig. BIG MISTAKE!!!!! Safe mode does not load TeamViewer!!! And my USB’s are still dead = I’m hosed!

Thankfully my brother in law had a old ps/2 keyboard collecting dust (i threw mine away in the move). With the help of that keyboard that I got the next day. I managed to log on and remove the patch that I by now knew about after reading a lot since my lockout. Now here’s the bad thing – I cant stop MS from pushing them same patch again on Home Ed.!!! Only in Pro – SERIOUSLY MS!!!??? WTF?!

It installed the patch on its own last night and this time it worked for some reason. I don’t like this one bit!

The patch is KB4074588 (OS Build 16299.248)

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