New Years vows

Well 2018 is upon us. And people in masses are pretty likely vowing to themselves that this year, really this’ll be the year I’m making that change. Last years attempt at loosing weight, quitting smoking, living healthier, treating others better, and general betterment was just a trial run. This year is the year it’s going to happen. -and it won’t.

But it’s not always the results that count but the steps towards the results the, self discovery and discipline gained along the way.

My promise this year is something I should be able to do. 52 blog posts – one every week or more but mainly to post at least once a week.

I’m taking a cheap shot here and counting this as week one and first post! LOL

As a minor goal I’ll do some redesign and have a thought about self hosting photos.

We’ll see if any of them pan out.