Well, well… still with me eh?

I wish had some nice insights to share or some profound words of wisdom to part with but I don’t. Last week went fast and this week started with a day off… I’m a employee of the state and therefor a public servant slacker and get all kinds of days off.

This time it’s MLK day. For those not from USA who might read this blog you might go MLK? WTF is that? It’s Martin Luther King, Jr day. He was a great orator and civil rights proponent. He was a man with a famous dream as he said. He was for equal rights not special treatment he was not for special rights for some and none for others he was a champion of equal rights in all matters. And he was a registered republican.

What else? It’s been flipping cold!!!!!! Charlie’s pink belly and tender paws 🐾 have been thru some nasty cold snaps.

Second post of tha 2018

What’s new? Well hopefully next week it will be our bed! Time to update our 15 years old bed with a new one. What else? In late December our office moved to a different building with new cubicles. The new desks are great!! Push of a button you can lift them into standing desks! NICE! But my cube is in a hallway with lots of traffic as there is a exit at the end of the hall and two meeting rooms.

Not only that my cube is a 3/4 cube. What’s that you might ask well let me tell you it’s a cube with no wall towards the hallway!!! Distraction central!!!! Feels like everyone is looking over ones shoulder, not that it matters but it’s really distracting.

Commuting is shorter parking is free and so on so all in all it’s an upgrade distraction or not.

Also I got myself a Xmas present. A Ruger Single Six 6.5″ revolver! It’s a used one and manufactured in 1974. Looks almost new!

Let’s see… it’s been cold I mean REAL cold sub zero temps for the last two weeks and tomorrow is the first day that they have promised decent temps (high 20’s low 30’s).

Now it’s time to go grocery shopping. Ugh….

New Years vows

Well 2018 is upon us. And people in masses are pretty likely vowing to themselves that this year, really this’ll be the year I’m making that change. Last years attempt at loosing weight, quitting smoking, living healthier, treating others better, and general betterment was just a trial run. This year is the year it’s going to happen. -and it won’t.

But it’s not always the results that count but the steps towards the results the, self discovery and discipline gained along the way.

My promise this year is something I should be able to do. 52 blog posts – one every week or more but mainly to post at least once a week.

I’m taking a cheap shot here and counting this as week one and first post! LOL

As a minor goal I’ll do some redesign and have a thought about self hosting photos.

We’ll see if any of them pan out.


#MeThree -said the lawyer.

It’s gotta suck being in the “dating world” these days.

I mean first of all if you are so called “CIS-Male” and of European decent in the mid 20’s it gotta be absolute hell.

According to the current political climate you cannot be offended against. You are male therefore you cannot be sexually attacked or offended, you have “white privilege” and that can be just about anything. And if you are straight your mere existence is offending to all the myriad of “genders” out there.

On top of that if you dare to approach a person of the opposite gender at say a drinking establishment and venture to strike up a conversation in order to get to know the lady in question be aware! Be very aware!! If your approach is not seen in favorable light you are either assaulting and raping her just by being in the same room, or at least have groped her and your details will be posted everywhere by this #metoo supporter in hopes of ruining your career and get you fired and make your life even more miserable. All because your pick-up line sucked.

This goes on and on…. and gets worse and worse….

What will the future bring? I know sanity is too much to hope for.


Since writing this post I have seen two different articles online eluding to same conclusions.

The NewYork Times article about Unintended Consequences of Sexual Harassment Scandals and payscale.com article about Unexpected Consequences: How #MeToo Might Actually Hurt Women