Winter is kicking in..

Ok, winter is making itself known. A few notable “storms” are sweeping over us. Yet we don’t have that much to show for it.

I mean yeah its single digits cold now and then but it’s not really that bad.
The roads get a bit slick I from time too time but the city, county and state plows keep it pretty clean.

If we can only keep this crap going for another 2 months or so we are golden! End of March usually brings with it some resemblance of spring and that would end this “winter”.
We we made to believe this winter was supposed to a very snowy one. But I’m thinking as two of my co-workers bought new snowblowers that stopped the snow in its tracks.

What else? Planning the long road drip this summer. We have a few points of interest nailed down-

Phoenix – as lodging is free. 🙂
Camp Verde – to see my niece.
Grand Canyon
Hoover Dam
Las Vegas
Mnt. Rushmore
Wall Drug
and the silly Corn palace.
Did I miss anything hugely important?

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