Long time no write

Wow, where do I start.
It has been a happening a few months. After mine and Les’s trap trip to Arizona to shoot some clays, it all took off.
Barb’s foot was bothering her before we left and while we were gone it got worse at the end of October I ended up taking her to the ER.
Since then she has been home for two weeks. And in meantime I have been juggling with everything at home including trips to doggy daycare.

Realizing that our old house is not conducive to our new lifestyle we needed to make some changes. A new home/house was in order.
And getting preapproved for a new house loan, going to look for a new house, purchasing a new house and all this without Barb even seeing the new place. Hope she likes it.

It is good to see The light at the end of the tunnel. Her doctors are optimistic and like what they’re seeing with her recovery. I have friends and family offering to help with the move. And my employer has been really good about letting me go a little bit early a few days a week so I can visit Barb and deal with all the other stuff.