It’s kinda interesting during these times. I keep reading on FB and other media about people who are stuck in places and have a hard time getting back home. That sucks if ones travels were interrupted.

I also read during this pandemic others who say “I am not allowed to travel to home to Sweden” Which is a common complaint I keep reading on FB. Further down in their posts is evident that the person lives here in USA and has done so for many many years. Seriously? Sweden is hardly your home anymore you dimwit! This is your chosen home!

If you don’t consider this your home next time you go back to “home” maybe it’s time to reevaluate if you should just discard that return ticket and stay “home”.

Wow that was a rant.

Perhaps it’s easy for me as first home was left at age 5 and ever since I have been a foreigner where ever I have landed. When I settled here I found the place where I found love and my soul found its home. And perhaps that’s why I have so little tolerance for someone who lives here but calls some other place their home. – Well that made no sense at all. Fuck it.