Sooooooo mad now!!!!!

I’m ready to just kill the dog!!!! So far this last weeks he has chewed:

  • My insoles from my shoes.
  • My crocs. 
  • Logitech USB headset. . 
  • My fleece hat. 
  • Couple of pens.
  • A brush.
  • Kitty nuggets (yeah… You know what that is)
  • Our bay window frame. 
  • Destroyed numerous ultra tough toys. Only lasting hours then he poops threads and I have to pull them out of his a$$.
  • Two cat beds.
  • And just minutes ago I came home and he had taken my Koss PortaPro KTC headphones out of their pouch and destroyed them. 

He has not chewed:

  • Any of his expensive damn food.
  • Any of Barbs shoes.

Hitman 47

On opening weekend one would expect to see a theatre full with people. Les and I went to see the movie…. We were the only ones in the theatre!!! I mean the move got bad reviews at rotten tomatoes you the critics, but people who actually watched the movie liked it.

Ended up being a ok movie, and I enjoyed it.