Week off and new outlook?

Well I wouldn’t go that far but instead of being all doom and gloom I’l build my resume and get in line with others looking for a new job.What I have that not everyone does is 20+ years in business and Resumeonly a handful of employers behind me. Also I got a severance package that will hold us over until a new gig shows up.

So I don’t jump ship and stick with the job. I also have some nice leads, and a top notch recruiter in my corner. What could go wrong eh? Might just be a very good thing I got RIF’ed.


I need a vacation! … or two?

It’s kinda funny, Google or Bing vacation and choose images, what do you see? Sunny white beaches with palm trees and blue water? Yup.

That’s seems to be the universal thought when it comes to vacationing. What does the folks who live in places like that think of when they picture vacations? I bet they don’t think snowy slushy roads and a couple of degrees below freezing. I don’t think think they think of a crowded downtown area of a metropolis. I would like to know where is the hotspot vacationing spots for people who already live in a vacation paradise.

And increasingly I have been taking vacations to have time with stuff that dont get done as I’m at work… and always having my phone on for calls from the office. Like now I still have well over 20 days to take out this calender year.

What else…   oooh. Continue reading

And I was doing so good…..

I missed the one post a week. :( oh well.

So what has been going on that have had me so busy so i could not have made a measly tiny post? Too important to share my pointless ramblings on the “masses” ? Had me captivated to such degree not had the time to part with my opinions with y’all?

Nothing…, nada…, not the slightest thing.

I have just not had nothing to share. Been putting in long days at work. Worrying about our basement and how to get it done before we get guests. Stressing over all the days I need to take off before end of year or I loose them. Pissing and moaning about the fact that no one wants to buy my boat.

What else? let me list some irrelevant statements:

  • I love my new iPhone! it’s flippin’  fantastic!
  • Saw Guardians of Galaxy a second time, still as good!
  • Bought $1K worth of classes for a 1/10th. Good deal.
  • have a lovely dinner with Barb last night. NOT IRRELEVANT!
  • Love Barb!!! (smooch) (VERY RELEVANT)
  • We had snow last night for the first time this upcoming winter.

Less than 150 days left for the vaca!