Mah new phone?


Yeah, there it is! Finally. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6L. Lets face it the 6L is a phablet…
So I’ll be getting the 4.7 inch one.

But at the same time the LG G3 looks nice but as I am trenched into the applecart I ought to stick with with the brand I know.

Any opinions out there? Now this is less about the cost of phone and more about the tech and longevity of the product.

Also I have $$ vested in bought Apps already so there is a iPhone bias.

In case of iPhone what color? Gold, Space Grey, Silver?

Missed my deadline of last Sunday.

Darn it! I missed my self imposed deadline of one post a week. Now I have to double up or better this week.
It’s just funny how things flow. Nothing new all week, same ops same old and weekend comes along and I’m busy with… well nothing. Still I can’t seem to hatch a simple post to my blog that I am still convinced only two people read 😋.

This weekend I was busy with nothing and helping my niece with VPN and getting her some good ol’ TV shows from beyond the big pond. So she can watch tv from the us.
And then u dealt with comcast/xfinity. Boy those guys are difficult to understand and deal with. Look forward to a review if the X1 system.