Nothing new on the western front.

I wish i could say it was a exciting week but I’d be embellishing it quite a lot.

Today I’ll just say I saw two movies during the week and both were just so so..  Noah and The Grand Budapest hotel.

Noah – what can I say..  Don’t expect a documentary or a bible story, unless you like stone monsters and think Emma Watson get’s preggers and gives birth on 40 days and nights. If not everyone knew the story it would have made for interesting movie but to me it’s like eating chicken and but tastes like carrots. Strange! Not bad but just doesn’t fit the bill.

The grand Budapest Hotel – Reminds me so much of 4 rooms, The royal Tenenbaums, Lost in Translation , Life Aquatic and Brothers Bloom it’s not even funny. It had it’s highlights but ultimately it was story that left too many questions unanswered.

Other than that it’s been real quiet. Too quiet…   and on Friday we might get snow again….



Taking a day off is not all that it’s cracked up to be.

I did to get to sleep in so it started out alright.
Looked forward to do some window shopping at Target, so I step out to a “billion tons of white bullshit“. So I have to clear it all, well it was only like 4-5″ but it was wet and heavy.

While clearing it I run the snow-thrower to the end of the driveway where there is slush puddle…  you already know whats coming up? Yup, the entire puddle was thrown on my feet and legs…  ARGH.

So I figure “F” it, I dont care if my pants look like s#it as I’m having a day off!

I finally take off to Target and while shopping I glance at my phone and see that there was a voice mail from my work….  I figured that the

building is on fire or the state of the free nation is in jeopardy as I am having my day off…

Well, what is a few hours of work if it saves my a$$ later on. Maybe there is a nice recognition of effort at some point… (Right – and pigs can fly) :)

Now I’m sitting at Dunn Bros waiting for that meeting so I can finish it and go a GunShow in RiverFalls, WI.

Another late or early week post.

Depends on when your week begins? I’m torn about it, as every calendar i see around me makes out so that the week starts on a Sunday. I grew up weeks starting on Monday as it is the first workday of the week and then you get two last days off if you are lucky.

Let me know in the comments what you think….

What else? Not much, I’m sitting in my usual spot at DunnBros blogging. Oh one thing I suddenly got a friend request from past.

The neighbor kid who hung out with me just sent me a friend request! How cool is that. He wanted to thank me as I was big influence for him back then. Wow..  that’s wild. He is nice kid and now he is a photographer based in HongKong. So cool.

Still waiting for the Keurig VUE coffee maker but we did get the k2v converter.
Saw the movie 300 rise of a nation, it was good but maybe a bit too graphic novel’ish? it was in between the original 300 and sin city.
All the blood in it was a bit overwhelming but very cartoonish.

343 Days left….   getting there but slowly…

Caffeinated way.

Alrighty then. We have joined the fancy coffee maker crowd now. Barb tasted coffee out of a keurig k-cup and liked it. So we put a order in for a Keurig VUE v700, and a k-cup adapter.

I have been using my aeropress and like it a lot but it’s not as convenient as a k-cup or a v-cup. As soon as it arrives I’ll take a snapshot and post it.


Ok..   Just finishing up my coffee at my old stand by spot DB. What’s new this week then? Not much again – a pattern emerging here eh? I bought a coffeemaker for work/home, a Aeropress! I had the chance to observe one in real life so to speak and sample the results and I was sold! Damn good brew! and it’s like $30 on Amazon.

Bought some barrell brushes for my pistol from the MN GunShow I visited with Les this morning. I might give out a more involved account of this later on as I am less rushed.

But here is the only pic I snapped from the place.20140315_160443000_iOS

Boy it was crowded! Lots of vendors and even more people. The 2nd amendment must live strong in MN or people are just worried about security or something. I wish they would stick to guns and gun related things and skip all the knife vendors. I mean they are nice but it is a gun show not a knife show.

More about this busy weekend then…

Not that I’m under any illusion that anyone cares but it needs to be done to fulfill my promise about at least one post per week.

Ok, so whats on the docket so to speak, I’m sitting at Dunn Bros sipping on some excellent caramel mocha and waiting for my car to have it’s service done. After that i need to go and get some cat food for Kes and Kiko.

Then I’m thinking of going to seeing Les and doing some re-loading. This time some .223 or 5.56mm rounds. I only have 4 mags full of them and need some more for this summers fun at the range.

Other than that I dont think I have much that needs to be done outside the house. Indoors i Need install a new bidet  - bah…

Oh and almost forgot I need to help getting my niece added to my sister and her hubby’s stateroom on our upcoming Disney Cruise to the Bahamas in 2015

Sitting in Dunn Bro’s coffee shop enjoying a cup of mocha and listening to music and writing this along with listening to music and shortly I’ll be going to the movies with Les and watch 3 Days To Kill. Also looking at upcoming movies that i want to see.

Wow.. barely squeaked in.

I know I made a promise of writing something at least once a week. So i better keep the promise. This week has really been the norm. Nothing exciting at all, cold cold and cold. Everyone is so sick of this.

I just called to get my car into service. 15000 mile (24140 Km) service although it’s up to 22000 miles (35405 Km) already and we just took it out in August?
I guess I put a lot of miles on it.

ramblings of the ordinary kind.