Oh boy.

Ok. What has been going on?

As you all know by now the big vacation is looming! Less than a month to go! And as tIMG_3262.JPGhe time creeps closer the more nervous I get, to the tune of an ulcer according to the doctor I had to visit last week. Think about it, we are flying in on the morning of! That’s a gutsy move as the weather could delay our flight and we miss the boat. Or not all the paperwork is in order.… or millions of other things. So now I’m on the purple pill for a week to see if it helps.

The basement is finally done as much as it will be done. Now it just has to be cleaned just like my crap upstairs.

I am already a bit sad how short the cruise is. And we have not even left yet!!!



Week three at new work.

It still all so new. A part of me wishes it was easy and mindless. But realistically I really need it to be hard and difficult to keep me on my toes.
Adjusting to the new schedule is a task on it’s own. I have to get my ass out of bed at 6:30 and be out the door by 7 to even have a sporting chance of making the office by 8. Work ends at 5 and then comes a hours commute.

What else? Basement is almost done. Couch in place, rugs in place, vanity and sink bought and curtains bought. I still have to mount the vanity and sink and get a queen size bed and then it’s all DONE! Well… We still have to clean…