Saturday at the end of August…

What to say about this day? Not much. I got going in the morning to get some glue for my new planes that I am about to build.  While out someone stopped by to ask about my boat I have for sale. And while I didn’t sell the boat as the dude was low-balling me, I found out that Mya was visiting. I figured I’d hurry home and take the chance to get some Mya – time.
myaatdunnNow we are sitting at Dunn Bros. in Hudson after eating some Jimmy John’s for lunch. She ate the entire sub!! I’m having a mocha and Mya a iced vanilla nirvana. I’m writing this post and she is using my tablet to play Minecraft.

A lapse in continuity? or just plain lazy?

That’s what I have had or been since last week. I was on on vacation or had time off depending on how one sees it. That blissful existence lasted for a week and felt like two days. But I guess I did make things happen.

Lets see here, I saw two movies one of them just slightly better than the other and I built a plane. Put some lead downrange and defeated a army of paper targets. Fixed cracks in basement floor and went to the largest candy store in Minnesota.

So, the two movies? Don’t bother!!!  Wait for the DVD’s or the TV  showing.Into_the_Storm_2014_film Into the storm was barely ok. The effects were ok but the acting could have used some help. Hercules was predictable with surprisingly few muscle shots.. again, wait for the DVD.220px-Hercules_(2014_film)

Time off! or Time off?

pto-255x300Woo-hoo! I’m have a week off! And 2/5 of the days are already planned. Fix basement floor is also on the agenda and so some serious sleeping in and slacking off! Along with working some on Monday and most likely checking in a couple of times during the week.

We all know how it is to come back from vacation and have a pile of work waiting for you. Thats the flip-side of going on vacation.

It is a well needed time to “recharge” the batteries. and not think about work. Plan for upcoming cruise!!  Almost down to 200 days left until the Cruise!

I’m going to sleep in every morning if I only can and not use the alarm on my phone at all! I will have to go get a cake with thick frosting for my sweetheart on her b-day during this time but that’s not exactly work, more like labor of love!

Golf with guns!!!

There…  I said it, “Golf with shotguns”. Thats what sporting clays is.

I bought a groupon coupon for two to do some Sporting Clays at South St. Paul Rod & Gun Club. So I invited Les to do some Sporting Clays (SC), It included two rounds and lunch (Lunch was a delicious burger with some fries) for two. One round is two boxes of shells so 100 shots / round, so we shot four boxes each.

14897706023_ef2ff64a2d_oNow let me tell you..  SC is WAY different from trap that we normally shoot. Trap is very much a mental sport, concentration plays a big part in it. SC however is reflexes and shooting on instinct and feel.

In trap you know your target will appear in certain arch with constant speed and height. In SC it seemed to appear from behind some bushes and from above you and even bouncing on the ground. The targets varied in size and targetsspeed. You either shot them as report or true pair. Report is you release one target and as soon as you fore on it the second is released. True pair is both targets released at the same time. you shoot from varying height, sometimes from the ground sometimes from a high stand and inbetween. You always shoot two shells, and me shooting a pump was in a slight disadvantage but at this point i dont think that much of a difference as none of us got above 20 points :) But we did have FUN!

Shooting is done from these funny corrals and Les took a pic of me shooting some SC and I took a pic of him just as proof we have shot there. I have Benelli supernova and Les has real nice Browning 725 CitoriIMG_070014897707133_93b6c15eab_k.


Let’s see….

This week was a busy one. Work, work work… Weekend went real fast.
Saturday I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy. Good movie! And the in the evening we took Mya to Willow River State park as Les was camping there. Grilled some burgers, brats and dogs. Had some S’mores and played some cards.

Watched a bunch of Charlie Boorman’s travel stories on YouTube.