Lots to tell….

OK…   what has been going on since i have not been blogging? LOTS!!! My sister and her hubby and my niece came to visit at the end of February, and joined us for the Bahamas cruise!!! That was so memorable, once in a lifetime trip sort of thing.

Leading up to their arrival you might have read about the mess we had going on downstairs, boy that was not a understatement. In the nick of time I got the walls painted and furniture down there and looking like a place one could live in. A day before they were to arrive the thing happens that was not supposed to happen. 😟 Barb hurt her ankle trying to avoid a cat! Giving op on the vaca was out of the question so we rented a wheelchair, it was a big one! Way too big for what Barb needed. But with the help of it the vaca was rescued.

On the day of their arrival I was to pick them up from the airport around 7, looking on the web their flight from Chicago might be delayed due to crap weather…  Thank god they were arriving a couple of days ahead of the cruise. As it turns it it was delayed, Sari called from airport in Chicago while I was driving to pick them up. They had yet to board!!!!!  I turned around and got home. Followed the flights on the web and finally got hold of sis via iOS messenger. Apparently they were on the runway for an hour and plane pulled back in and they had to get off the plane! And now they just cancelled the flight!!!??!!!  Holy shit! Now what? I called United and was hunting for hotels and asking for them to pay for hotel and book them on first flight on Friday, at same time Sari calls and says. They just saw another flight boarding toward MSP and they’ll try to get on it . And they did. And amazingly all the luggage found their way here too.

After 24+ hours hours of travel they were so glad to get a place to sleep. 😊 after a weekend of de-stressing and getting rid of jet lag it was time again to fly. This time to Florida and the Disney cruise!!! 5 days and 4 nights or serious RnR!!! Sooooooo nice!!! It was a once in a lifetime trip, both for us and them.

We got back and started to hunt for horse stuff. Sis and niece are into horses big time. For me they are good for eating or glue…. Don’t like them at all.  But I digress, they needed saddles and a chance to ride. And towards the second week they found one. My brother in law and me went to see some WWE sports entertainment and had a jolly good time.  Also during Thursday the week before they left us we got a addition to the family….  Charlie! A cute pooch that you already have seen in pics.

You our would think the flight back was a smooth one. Nope….  The morning of the flight Sari gets an email. “Sorry the last leg of your trip is cancelled due to pilot strike” please rebook. WTF?!?!?!

So while they are on their way to airport to Bly to Chicago I’m trying to rebook them all all the way to GTO.  I got them a flight via Copenhagen I thought but as it turns out they only booked my niece on that flight?!?!?! Thankfully they could be on standby and got on the flight. Once in Copenhagen they could take the train home if needed. Also Lufthansa managed to loose my sisters luggage that turned up all beaten up.

What a trip!  Go check out some photos of it and Charlie on the photos link.