PTC Family Day

Last Thursday PTC had a family day, the annual day that Mya goes to work with Miikka.  She LOVES spending time one on one with Miikka!  He makes her feel so special, and I love him for that.  Here are a couple of pictures…

photo 1 (8)

photo 2 (6)photo 3 (4)

I can’t believe how fast she is growing up!  She will be 10 years old at the end of the year and she just can’t wait until she becomes a “tween”… or “double digits” as she calls it, lol.

Well, almost 1am… time for bed so I can be up and at em to make some swedish pancakes in the morning!  :)

New week almost same outlook..

Well, well, well…   here we are again Saturday and all. This weekend is slightly different from the others. No depressing basement that is flooded and rotting. not its only a basement that has not much in it.
Last weekend and Monday after it we had folks here to rip out the moldy walls and carpet. I was thinking some of it could be saved but soon realized that it all had to go.  :( IMG_2730 Resized IMG_2729 Resized IMG_2728 Resized IMG_2727 Resized IMG_2726 Resized IMG_2725 Resized

Well at least now there is no mold there there is also no beds and no furniture…  just a couple of fans and dehumidifiers but there is no moldy walls either! Now we just have to figure out how to separate the furnace from what used to be the bedroom.

And we are all done shooting trap in league..  not that the league has finished but we have shot all the rounds needed to fulfill the league. This year I      hope we will not be last.


What is new this weekend?

Well…  It started out by me on Thursday let my Boss know that I would be working from home on Friday if it was OK by him, and it was.

Come Friday morning and I try to get out of bed and I almost couldn’t. -
urlMy Back was so painful it was hard to breathe. I had been painful for last couple of weeks but now it was so much more painful. Barb told me that I could not whine about about unless I went and saw the doctor..   I called the clinic and got a time an hour after I called! Fast service.

The doc checked my back and said it was a inflamed or irritated muscle. To take painkillers and and take it easy. No irritating it.
Prescribed me some real good pills and sent me on my merry way.

To add to the agony of it all. The basement has been the bane of our existence for a while now..  Flooding every spring and fall and every time we get more than a misting of rain.
The sheet-rock walls are beyond saving and they have to come out. We hired some help and have them gutting the basement….   yup, you guessed it THIS WEEKEND!
We have huge dumpster in our driveway to receive the refuse. On top of this I really wanted to visit Les at the local campground as he got his camper out.

Stillwater Fireworks

Were AWESOME! Ok, so Miikka had to talk me into going, and I will admit I went mainly because he wanted to go, but Stillwater’s fireworks were the best I think I have ever seen locally. They really spent some money on them, but they were so worth it! Next year I think if they aren’t going off the same night as Hudson’s, we will have to bring Mya to them.

Props for Oldman!

I knew it! There is common sense in Hoolywood! This from MEDIAite:

Gary Oldman Rails Against PC ‘Crap,’ Liberal Double Standards in Hollywood


Actor Gary Oldman is more conservative, politically speaking, than most other people in Hollywood, and in a new interview with Playboy, he goes off on the political correctness that torpedoed both Mel Gibson and Alec Baldwin‘s careers, as well as the liberal double standard in Hollywood over who gets to make jokes about whom.

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How lame am I?  I am not really into our old tv shows right now, but I sure am into some series streaming on Netflix.  First, we watched every available episode of The Murdoch Mysteries and with that show we spread them out, but still managed to watch 7 seasons in a couple of months.  Then I really got into Orange is the new Black and devoured the first 2 seasons in a week.  Now I have started watching House of Cards and have watched the first 6 episodes in 2 days.  I’m hooked!  I am hoping I will get all tv-ed out, but then I will probably just read, lol.

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