So I shot skeet for the first time today…  And apparently I didn’t do that bad according to the other shooters. I shot a 15 out of 24, and as a first timer that was really good. They said 8 is respectable for a first time skeet shooter. 

The game is much faster than trap. Things move faster and clays fly real fast. I imagine after a few rounds one learns the positions and can do a lot better. 

Now all I have left to try is 5-Stand and some other trap variations. 


So, what about it? Golf a “sport” millions upon millions of people enjoy. 

Well last Thursday the firm I work for had a golf outing. I have to say I did like outing part, the socializing, the driving the carts, bbq food and atmosphere. And then there was this golf. I absolutely hate it. I can’t hit the damn ball if my life depended on it. I lost all of my balls within the first three holes. 

 All I can say if you are looking for a moderately pricey waste of time that is enjoyable choose sporting clays instead. 

Rain rain and rain…

Ok, so this year I have been real bad at posting news here or anywhere. Most likely its because there is not much to tell.

Charlie puppy keeps us entertained and weeds grow like a jungle!
It’s been reaining every week so we have not had a dry week for ages.

I got the darn boat sold!!! The happiest days in a boat owners life is the day he buys the boat and the day he sells it. Nothing could be more true! With that $$ and some more as my b-day present from my wonderful wife (real early, I dont mind at all) I bought myself a new dedicated trap gun! It is awesome! a Browning Citori XT Trap 32″


I only had the chance to shoot it twice so far as it’s been raining all the effin time.

We also endured a few days of heat as our A/C’s evaporators coil had a leak and was venting refrigerant. Three days of sweat and humidity. Believe it or not the unit is like 10 years old but was under warranty!!! But the labor was not :(.